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The Cellar Reserve Club is our exclusive membership for wine lovers who want to experience the finest wines Virginia has to offer.

Each quarter you’ll receive three bottles of limited release or hard-to-come-by wine that you won’t find for sale in tasting rooms or at retailers. An emphasis on library wines and single barrel production wines mean that Cellar Reserve shipments are best for red wine lovers.

Whether you’re a wine explorer or collector, if you want to experience fines wines of Virginia, this club is for you!

Shipments dispatched March, June, September & December.

$109.99 per quarter

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Benefits of Becoming a Member

Early access to wine Blowout discounts from 30% to 50% off regular prices

Special offers on members-only allocations and exclusives

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10% to 20% off purchases of wine and cider

Immediate dispatch of current club selection*

Customize your club shipments with no hassle

*If you join within one week of upcoming club shipment, you will receive upcoming selection instead of current selection.

“We became members of the Wine of the Month Club just when we started growing grapes, as a way to familiarize ourselves with the varieties currently produced in the state.  We were not wild about some of the wines we chanced upon, so having them chosen by people who knew the industry better was a benefit.  As we started making wine, it was an excellent way to compare our efforts with others, and to simply explore the vast experimentation being done around the state with unheard-of varieties.  Then as full-fledged grape growers and winery owners, we rarely had time to leave the farm and tour the state like other people do, so the club continued to bring the state to us.”

Sue Anne and Paul Klinefelter
Elk Island Winery
VA Wine Club Members

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Winter 2023 Featured Wines

Crosskeys Vineyards Blanc de Noir N.V.

When red grapes are pressed, and the juice is allowed to ferment after being separated from the skins,
the result is white wine, referred to as “blanc de noirs,” meaning a white wine from dark grapes. A well-
known example is a variety of sparkling wine produced from the Pinot Noir grapes.

Crosskeys Vineyards Blanc de Noir features an amber color in the glass with bubbles throughout.
Aromas of yeasty roll, golden rod, apple, and kumquat populate the nose. The bright attack is supported
with elements of crabapple, celery, allspice, and Granny Smith apple. The wide midpalate exposes salted
caramel, fig, banana, cantaloupe, nectarine, honeydew melon, and blood orange. The clean finish is
highlighted by Key lime, lemon tart, crusty bread, vanilla bean, and a hint of ginger.

While this wine can be enjoyed by itself as an apéritif, it is also perfect with fresh oysters and other
shellfish or crab cakes. It is also delicious with lemon chicken and Thai curries.

Drink Now – Winter 2029.

Chatham Vineyards Church Creek 2020 Vintner’s Blend

(40% Petit Verdot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc, 15% Merlot)

The artistry of blending red wine comes from years of experience with specific varietals in specific
vineyards and how they best relate to each other. This knowledge then informs the grapes selected for
the blend and the percentages.

Chatham Vineyards Church Creek 2020 Vintner’s Blend showcases the different strengths of the other
grapes. Presenting in the glass with a deep garnet hue, aromas of blueberry, plum, anise, and raspberry
fill the opulent nose. The supple attack is supported with blackberry, dark raspberry truffle, and black
cherry undertones. The midpalate is populated by blueberry, plum, black currant, strawberry,
boysenberry, Bing cherry, and blood orange. The memorable finish includes rhubarb, allspice, sweet
tobacco, cigar box, and balsamic vinaigrette glaze.

My first inclination in pairing this wine is a standing beef rib roast or prime rib with au jus. It would also
pair well with vegetarian lasagna or Osso Bucca. This wine is so good now but will likely only improve
with proper cellaring.

Drink Now – Winter 2022

Barboursville Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2014

Perhaps the most well-known of the “Noble Grapes,” Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent choice for
extended aging because, in their youth, they can be quite tightly wound with more aggressive tannins.
Barboursville 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon is an example of the winery doing the aging for you. On release,
the winery’s tasting notes indicated “Complex and inviting, ripened dark berry fruit is woven with
currant, cassis, and chocolate notes.” These elements and much more can be found now that the wine
has some age.

Presenting in the glass with a deep ruby hue, the nose is populated with baked strawberry and cranberry
aromas. The silky attack is supported with red currant, raspberry, and Arkansas Black apple elements.
The well-integrated midpalate includes black cherry, pomegranate, dark chocolate, blueberry, tarragon,
Portabella mushroom, anise, black plum, black olive, eggplant, roasted red pepper, purple tomato, and
truffle. The most memorable finish is highlighted by burnt ends, smoked paprika, espresso, and cigars.

I paired this wine with a slow-cooked Tavern-style beef pot roast and mashed potatoes. It would also
pair favorably with well-seasoned poultry or pasta dishes. Drinking so nicely now, members should not
risk too much more bottle aging.

Drink Now – Spring 2027